Episode 9 Lego DC Comic Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League (or, *sigh*)

If this is your first time here, do NOT listen to this episode first. For everyone else, we apologize for our… enthusiasm.

This week, Austin and Maggie talk about Netflix, Stan Lee, man caves, making intros, sand, bad puns, ca-caw, Flash’s hobbies, racism in casting, Grandmother Willow, stitching names into things, South Park, Robin Hood, George Clooney, face coverings, Austin’s dating history, intersectional feminism, not taking us out of context dammit, and our harshest scoring ever.

Austin is @random_canuck on Twitter and Instagram

Maggie is @magpepper on Twitter and Instagram

You can join the club @batmanmoviepod or email us at batmanmovieclub@gmail.com.

REMINDER: Our summer schedule is bi-weekly, so the next episode comes out on May 29th! Do your prep time and we’ll see you then.

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